Colony Project

Colony Project

In the 3rd year of my education we had the space to create a project for ourselves. In the next five months (from september 2015 to january 2016) we are making a complete game. The game is about managing your own colony and build your kingdom. Protect your villagers against wild animals or enemies and gather wood and stone to build new buildings. The game is completely under construction, so there might be some errors in the downloadable build. Many features will be added over the course of the development.

Download demo


Progress: 35%
General information

Tools used: Unity3D & MonoDevelop
Date of completion: N/A
Duration: 20 weeks (maybe more)
Team size: 12
Role: Programming the combat system and UI functionality



Select villager: Left mouse click
Deselect villager: Right mouse click
Move villager: Click anywhere on the ground


Rotate: A and D
Zoom: scroll wheel


You can build buildings with numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6

Spawn objects (not in the final game, just for testing purposes)

You can use the following buttons on your numpad;

1: Spawn a villager

  • 1 + H for hunter
  • 1 + F for foodpicker
  • 1 + S for stoneminer
  • 1 + C for fighter
  • 1 + W for woodcutter
2: Spawn enemy
3: Spawn sheep
4: Spawn tree
5: Spawn stone
6: Spawn berrybush
Delete objects with holding the delete button and click on the object

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