FPS Game

FPS Multiplayer Game

This is my main side project that I am currently working on. I am making this game to push myself to the limit, to explore new areas that I have never worked on before. The goal is to create a full game with doing as much myself as possible. The only things I will not be doing myself are the models for the game. The main purpose is to get more programming knowlegde but also some of the basics of programming animations and designing the levels.

Every couple of weeks I will upload the newest version and new images to this page.

Open webplayer


Progress: 15%
General information

Tools used: Unity3D & MonoDevelop
Date of completion: N/A
Duration: N/A
Team size: 1
Role: Everything except the models

This game is a first person shooter with multiplayer functionality. For the multiplayer function I will be using the new uNet from Unity. Its not working yet in this build, but you can still try the shooting and running functionality out.

Currently I am working on the enemy behaviour and the AI of the enemies


Left Shift
Left mouse button / Left Control



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