Taxi Game

Taxi Game

This is a small game I made to learn how to make a small but complete demo. The game is based on the famous game Crazy Taxi. The player has to pickup and deliver customers as fast as possible. When you pickup a customer you will have to ride to a purple spot to get points. When the timer runs out it’s game over!

Warning! The game has no optimized assets, because I was completely focused on the level design and the code functionality. Installed file size is 629mb.

Download installer


Progress: 100%
General information

Tools used: Unity3D & MonoDevelop
Date of completion: 30 – 1 – 2015
Duration: 10 weeks
Team size: 1
Role: Everything except the models

Game information

The goal of the game is to bring your customers as fast as possible to your destination. Drive near an customer and press space to honk. The customer will enter your car and you will have to drive to the purple spot you can see on the minimap. If you are in that spot, honk again and the customer will get out of your car and give you some points and bonus time. If the timer runs out, its game over. You can carry one customer at the time.

Move car: WASD or Arrow keys
Let customer in/out: Spacebar
Use turbo: Left shift



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