The Inverted Tower of Nolybab

The Inverted Tower of Nolybab

The Inverted Tower of Nolybab is a 3d maze puzzle game with a horror atmosphere. You will need to find your father in the tower of Nolybab, but there is a monster coming after you. You will have to find the end as fast as possible.

This game is designed for the oculus rift.

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Progress: 100%
General information

Tools used: Unity3D & MonoDevelop
Date of completion: 2-7-2015
Duration: 10 weeks
Team size: 7
Role: Programmer

Each level is a maze with a monster walking around. You will have to break through the walls with your pickaxe. You have a sanity meter which will constantly drain towards a point that you will become insane. Once that happens, you’re not directly gameover, but the monster will come after you and eat you up. You can refresh your memory to see the map, but watch out! When you do, your sanity meter will drain even faster.  Also your vision will blurry and deform, and the walls become red as blood. Throughout the map there are various items to help you get to the end of the level. Those pickups are a sledgehammer (to bash directly trough walls), a picture of you father (to get your sanity meter a little bit up) and a compass sphere (which guides you to the end of the level for 10 seconds).

Show map
Swing pickaxe
Left mouse button
Pickup powerup


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